West Michigan Soccer Referee Association


MAKE-UP 2018 Annual General Meeting

  1. Date: 20-January-2018
  2. Time: 1:30 p.m.
  3. Place: WMU 4601 CAMPUS DRIVE Kalamazoo
  4. Fee: $30 for adult; $15 for U18

Registration for Re-certification

If you plan on recertifying make sure you do the following:
  1. You must register and pay your fee online at
    Grade 9: https://www.MichiganRefs.GameOfficials.net/public/class/classRegister.cfm?classD=23567
    Grade 8: https://www.MichiganRefs.GameOfficials.net/public/class/classRegister.cfm?classD=23568
    Grade 7: https://www.MichiganRefs.GameOfficials.net/public/class/classRegister.cfm?classD=23569
    • For USER ID use your USSF ID preceded by the letter R (as in Referee)
    • Unless you have previously changed it, your PASSWORD is your lastname.
    Note: Do not create a new userid and password if you already have one as you will create a duplicate. If you do not remember your password or userid or USSF ID, follow the directions on the initial screen.
  2. Upgrade from Grade 9 to Grade8 Clinic
    If you are a Grade 9 who will be 14 by April 1st, you can upgrade to grade 8 by taking the bridge class, instead of taking the grade 9 recertification class. You can register for it here:
If you have questions, contact Jim DeBrabander (jimdebrabander@gmail.com).

High School Referees

Do not forget to log in to the arbitersports web-site.
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The purpose of WMSRA is to promote soccer, maintain a high standard of officiating, encourage fair play and good sporting behavior, make available an adequate number of well trained and capable referees, and cooperate with other organizations in promoting soccer.


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